Tasleem Iqbal

I feel immense pleasure in sharing with you the contribution of Crown Star Group in the Pakistani Agro Market. We have strong capability to be your stability supplier. We have devoted ourselves to upgrading the product and perfect services level. At the same time, we beautify employees working conditions and life level, continue to supply safety and high efficient first class product and create human beings happy life. In a corporate milieu that is ever changing one thing remains constant at Crown Star Group. its environment for change-for the betterment.

Bakhtyar Saeed
Founder & Director Import

So far, the company has established, for the further business expanding and enhancement, a good ground work, the framework of which consists of advance processing equipments, an elitist technology squad, well trained analyzers, sound inspection mechanisms and rigid quality control system. Moreover, Crown Star Group has been keeping close cooperative relationships with several institutions and therefore maintained its product innovation.

Sajjad Saeed
Director Operations

It is the best policy of the Crown Star Group to function as customer's need driven organization and remain focused to enhance customer's satisfaction through technical and human excellence to provide quality products, services and solutions that meet our exceed their requirements and work in the best interest of the customers, employee and the community at large.

Kamran Saeed
Director (Sales & Marketing)

A comprehensive network of distribution to ensure excellent customers service. Crown Star Group products line have been fine tuned to the local needs and requirements of the different markets. Consulting and technical assistance based on our guarantee quality. Product innovation and customer service. We continuously invest in new products and innovative technologies to provide our customers with high quality products with a wide range of applications.